Basil Scented Lemonade

As summer fast approaches (yay!), my herb garden has been calling my name. And with the last couple of days being pretty warm around here, basil lemonade was the perfect drink in which to use some of the basil I just planted. In a word, YUM! This is really good lemonade with a hint of basil flavor, not too much, not too little, just enough to notice but not overwhelm. And if you aren't a huge fan of tons of basil flavor, this is perfect.
I am so excited to be using my own fresh herbs again for summer! If cooking with herbs is your thing, I highly recommend planting your own organic herb garden instead of buying them from the store. It's easy, you can use any container, if you don't have a garden bed, as long as you poke holes in the bottom for drainage and you will save tons of money, plus, there is a lot of pride in walking out to your garden to clip some herbs you grew yourself for a meal. You can find the lemonade recipe here. I used water instead of sparkling water. Try it! Happy day!

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