Auction Find

My husband went to an auction at the beginning of the week and picked up a few things that he loved.  Here's one of them.
It's an old minnow bucket!  Fishing isn't one of my favorite things, but it's one of his, so, when he walked in with this, I LOVED it.  I loved seeing how excited he was about finding something for him.  My husband is a very thoughtful person and is always coming home with things for the kids or me, or the neighbors or our friends.  So this was pretty special.  And you can't help but love the bright happy colors and graphics.

I like it so much that I'm using it for my starting point for the rest of the space.  He also picked up a chippy green one, which is so cute, and believe me, I never thought I'd put the word cute and minnow bucket in the same sentence.  Here's the other side of the bucket.
How neat is that bright little red and white measuring guide across the bottom?!  I've only got one more thing to pick up for the room, so, hopefully, I will get to put everything together for him this weekend and blog about it next week!  I know he can't wait!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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