Express Sign and a Pot Rack

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I blogged about this old metal Express sign on Friday and I still wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.   Since it was red and I have red accents in my kitchen, I decided to put it above the big window over the sink.   Since we have 12 foot ceilings, I thought it would look neat to have an eye catching, fun piece of art way up there.  So here's how it looks!
Okay, so looking around, the only red accent I see is my stand mixer! :)  Oh, and the stripes in the curtains!  Oh well!
 I also wanted to blog a little about that pot rack.  I made it following the same plan as the ladder I made for our master bath that is now in the dining room.  I just used smaller dowels and stained it a dark walnut.  Then I attached screw eyes to the top and added a chain so that I could hang it from the huge screw hooks I screwed into the ceiling, making sure I got them into a stud, joist, whatever the ceiling frame wood is called.  :)
Tall kitchens are just beggin' for pot racks and I really wanted one to display my favorite cast iron pans that my hubby found for me.  He came home this weekend with a cast iron Griswold ebelskiver pan, which is that interesting looking bubble pan in the photo above.  I've never made ebelskivers before.  Have any of you?  Anyway, my hooks for the pot rack are just S hooks that hubby opened a little so that they would fit around the dowel. 
It's an inexpensive way to have a pot rack.   Or you could just use an old ladder if you're lucky enough to have one of those. :)

Have a great day!

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