Fun Finds This Week

Happy Friday everyone and I say it couldn't have gotten here fast enough!  What a week.  Our computer died and I lost so many family photos.  That's upsetting, you know?  And then of course, we had to buy a new one.  Then I tried to sew a tablecloth with the linen I purchased and that was one big fail.  So, I'm turning it into a table runner.  :) I loved hearing your opinions on a tablecloth vs. no tablecloth.  I think I discovered I'm a no tablecloth gal.  Linen is impossible to iron!  So, table runner it is.  Hubby found some cool things for me this week while he was out pickin'.
I am loving this metal Express sign.  Pretty sure it was from a post office.  The vibrant red color is amazing.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I can't wait to put my noggin to work and figure it out.   He also brought home these coffee bean sacks and they are huge! 
One of them was covered in something that I thought was mildew but after putting a little bleach on it, I think it might be motor oil or something similar.  Anyone have any ideas how to get that out?  I love them and would love to be able to put them to use.  He also found this old soda crate that I'm crazy about.  I love the thick sides.  It's going on my dining table with the new runner and I'm so putting my little bread boards in it!
I just love it! 
And I think the contrast between the fine grey linen and rustic wood crate will be fantastic.
I will blog about the table runner next week!  Today my first born son turns 19!  Wow, where does the time go!  Happy Birthday Son!   xoxo    

P.S.  I've had several requests for different numbers or a letter instead of a number on my small walnut bread boards.  I'm happy to do this at no extra charge.  When I list another batch for sale (which will hopefully be soon) and you would like something different than the number 3, just specify what you would like in a note when you purchase one. :)  I will only do a number or letter. 

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