Barn doors, mattresses OH MY- We were meant to be born in a barn!

Have you noticed lately how many barn doors you are seeing?  Maybe it is just us, but we are loving the door! The doors that Martin Lawrence Bullard used in the Osbournes home are amazing. They look more like a piece of art than a door.

Cote De Texas
In this kitchen the designer uses the doors to cover up a pantry.

Kelly from Polished Pebbles blog  found these old doors and turned them into the barn door look. She gives some helpful hints on what kind of hinges work best.

Designer Sherry Hart  used barn doors behind a crib in this babies room.. So creative.

Over at Nucheys mommy Blog, she creatively shows you how to do this yourself.

We have also been noticing the mattress sofa look?   OK, so not so much of a barn!. Designed by S.R. Gambrel

Here designer S.R.Gambrel used it to create more of a retro look.  We remember the coffee table from the 70's.

   The sofa has a nice style to it. We are loving the colors .
Designed by Barbara Heath

This is from the DC show house designed by Laureen Liess from Pure style design blog.  So what do you think about these creative styles?

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