Madeline Stuart, A good Designer has a Sense of Balance and Color.

Madeline Stuart is a L.A, California based designer.  She has a timeless approach to design.

She has a sense of balance and a keen eye for color.  Look at the patterns in the rug and how well she coordinated them with the pillows.  The navy pillows on the sofa  create a perfectly balanced background for the pillows in front of them. Every well designed room tells a story with patterns and color.

Here she has added a little color around the room so it has a soft and balanced feel.  If she would have added just one blue pillow it would have looked out of place.  By adding a couple of blue pillows on the ends of the sofas, it now works. Sometimes the simple secret is not too much and not too little.

The antique sconce and the beautiful details in the fireplace mimic the design in the hand painted border.  A good designer or artist will follow through with coordinating their project by adding similar details.  It is barely noticeable so it does not become excessive or too busy.

Look how well she coordinated the stripes and plaids.  At first you might not notice how important they are in making this room work, but they really do make this room!  A well designed room bounces the eye around the room where the designer has created interest and writes you a story through that design.  What does this room tell you?

Have you ever thought about how a room tells a story?  Like a painting, every eye might see a different story or they might have a different idea about how the artist created  his master piece.  The room as well as a great painting can evoke a myriad of feelings.  When you are looking for items for your home, what story do you want your room to tell?

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