An English design twist in Summerland Calif.

We never grow tired of this style.The English country style with these wonderful pillows that have an ethnic feel. This is a little store in Summerland California that portrays a Santa Barbra style.

Santa Barbra home style reflects the town's atmosphere, comfortable and relaxed. The ocean breezes and the laid back atmosphere reflects the style of design.

The soft colors of blues, a red almost pink tone and tangerine are so pretty.


Now it's Julie's turn to get caught in the picture of the mirror.


Love all these old pots...

Notice the book in the back titled Chintz. We have not seen Chintz fabrics for a while.  Maureen over at Eclectic revisited feels that English country Style is going to make a come back.


We love the flare of India printed pillows and the old pine furniture from the 1800s. The old pine furniture is hard to find these days. It's a nice change from the grayed out furniture and still be on the lighter side. Do you think we are going to see English country style make a come back this year?

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni

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