Before pictures, What's up Dude!!

When our boys were young they use to have their own language or used a type of language that was from mars!  You would here them on the phone telling their friends Hey dog, fly by the trap. Translation.....Come on over to our house.

We are up to no good.... Just kidding! We wanted to share with you a home that we are redesigning. We are repainting, reupholstering and adding new furniture. Hum...... When we say we, we don't actually mean us.  No no no, You would never want us to paint your home. We are way too messy. We, as in our posse, our painters and our re-upholsterer. 

New Kravets fabric for this sofa. 

The wood details will be stripped and then stained darker. 

Fabric cushion and pillows will be added to the window box. 

We can't wait to redo the book shelves. 

New rug, chairs, drapes, lamps and coffee table are in the planning. A lot of work! When it is done we will share the trap with you, but for now, thanks dogs for letting us be a part of your lives.

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