Designer Kishani Perera and Photographer Jean Randazzo

Designer Kishani Perera owner of Rummage, has a  style of her own. Her stylish boutique is a delight to go see. It expresses her love of vintage with handmade items. She has a creative way of expressing herself and creating spaces that are chic and comfortable to live in. Notice how she balances the lighting and the chairs. She has naturally framed the room to create the balance it needed. Do you also notice the rug and the chair fabric? They both have a design that coordinates in shapes.

After talking to the photographer Jean Randazzo who photographed her work, you could tell that they worked well together. They have worked together for years. Kishani feels that Jean understands the mood that she is trying to create in each space and captures it in each image.

  The color mix of orange with blue give each other that extra pop.

Kishani's heart and soul goes into each project and Jean is able to capture that feel. Being artists, we understand that. The design process is an intuitive experience. It does come from the soul. There are designers and there are artists. .Kishani is a true artist.

Jean captured Kishani's whimsical style. She has a way of mixing vintage with showroom pieces.
Her boutique expresses that and so does her new book that is coming out in April.

Perfect cozy reading nook with a warm glow created by using the varying shades of red.

Both comfortable and fun.

So soft and feminine, yet still elegant.

Kishani's new book shows the reader how to go through the design stages, from when to skimp and when to splurge. She helps the reader discover their own style. After observing  her work, we are sure the pages will colorfully jump off the page with an expression that is all Kishani. The only way to describe her is classically chic! 
(Rummage is located at 7374 Beverly Boulevard , Los Angeles , California 90036) 
You can pre-order her book on amazon. 
Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni

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