Matthew Millman Photographer.

Have you ever wondered who was behind all of those fabulous images we see of decor? So many times in the blogging community we post designer's work , though if it weren't for the photographer's hard work we would not be able to enjoy those  beautiful images.

(  Aiden Darling designs)

As we were posting images of Jeffers design group's work we were introduced to one of their photographers, Matthew Millman. We fell in love with his images. Clean, provocative and artistically done. So many times we see images that we feel should have been cropped differently to make for a better and  more creative image, but Matthew's work was just beautiful!
( Studio BNA)

His list of clients is impressive. Designers like Jeffers, Tucker and Marks,  Ken Fulks to name a few, and there are many more.

Designed by Ken Fulk

This was photographed for designer Orlando Diaz Azcuy designs.
It's not always easy to get the photographer's name from all  the designers, but  we would like to post about more photographer's work.  Being in the arts, we love to see many mediums of art centered around decor.  Matthew has an eye that is impressive. He has a sense of balance that seems to be as natural as taking a breath.

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