Pantones Soft and Casual Color Palette...

We have some exciting things coming up, pictures of Danni's trip to Europe, Julie's daughter's wedding, two projects we will be sharing with you, but for now we will share with you another palette from Pantone.
  A calm ambiance that is tranquil and comforting with pinks,blues,soft whites, blending with taupe, grays and grape hues.

With both of us having an art back ground we are always interested in the new colors selected for the new year.  We believe everyone has a palette that they can live with, if it is" in "or not. Some new colors can be added to your own palette, but most people have an innate feel for colors that they can live with. The job of an interior designer is to stretch their clients to try new things. As designers, we have a natural vision of what the room can and will look like that the client might have a hard time imagining.
.( This image designed by Katie Leede )

The Taupe and the Pinks create a soft feminine mood!
(Sean Siena designer)

Schuyler Samperton

The soft blues and taupe with just a touch of a pink accent in the flowers set the mood for this room.
(Redmond Aldrich designs )

Schuyler Samperton

The soft pink ceiling adds a lovely calming glow to this bedroom.
( Barbra Franceski Interiors)

Peonies are such a beautiful flower. One of our favorites. The bright pink color of these just pops out from the steely blues and taupe.
( Grant Gibson)

We will still be seeing animal print pillows for 2012, but will we still be seeing hide rugs?
(That inspirational girl)

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