French kissed

We had a lovely lady leave a comment on our blog. She lives in Santa Barbara and invited us to have coffee next time we were in the area. Her name is Jermaine and after visiting her wonderful blog, French-kissed we had to share it with you.
  OK, calling all BFFs this is a chance to have an amazing time.

Jermaine takes people on tours to Europe shopping for clothes and antiques. Wouldn't that be fun with friends?

The first  3 images were of her lovely garden. You thought it was  images of Paris, huh? 

She has staged and photo styled some of the most luxurious million dollar properties for global marketing campaigns. All the while perfecting the hunt for amazing furnishings for the home. How would you like that job? 
( information from her bio)

If your interested check out her blog. Shopping, friends, Paris, what more could you ask for!

She provides you with your own driver and 3 tour guides. Sounds good! 

Visiting antique markets, wouldn't that be fun?

We want these chairs! 

Yes, we would have to stop and have coffee and chocolates. We can't forget about a lovely dinner with a glass of wine.

Oh yes Dior!

Pack your bags for a tour in May, 2012. 
All information and all of the  images from French-kissed blog. 
Thanks for visiting us, Danni and Julie

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