Red interiors

We thought since Valentines Day is around the corner we would show you some beautiful red interiors. Red can be emotionally intense and it can be exciting. It can also make you hungry! Designer Adam Hunter has added enough red to make this breakfast nook interesting and adorable, but calm enough to be able to live with it.  He used 7 different fabrics in this little nook.  We love the color of red in small doses.
Designed by Adam Hunter

(Adam Hunter)
Not everyone can live with the color red. Because it is one intense color, it can make your heart beat faster. Julie put up a wallpaper in her kitchen with a lot of bright red in it. She took it down within six months. Even though she loves red she has learned what shade of red works and how much of it she can live with..

Designer Miles Reed created so much interest with different patterns and grounded it by adding black.
Did you know that bees can not see the color red? Red flowers are pollinated by birds, bats and butterflies, rather than bees. We thought we would just throw that info  in!

Here, the red pops off the black walls and white curtains.
Designer Katie Leede and photographer Lisa Romerein

Red represents beauty in many parts of the world. 
House and Home defined blog
Designer Carol Beck

Ruthie Chapman Summers successfully paints the walls red to create a beautiful room. Do you notice it is a small room. The black helps balance the strength of the red.

Red roses say I love you
 Happy Valentines Day!   

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni

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