The Eloquence of White pottery

The eloquence of a simple white pot. Traditional, contemporary, country or modern it can be used in so many design styles.
Designer Pam Pierce

Here it is used with an industrial table amidst a very natural setting. 
Designer Vincente wolf

Designer Dan Marty, Have you seen his designs? Love his style. 

Love the pots displayed against the green hutch. 
(Eclectric Revisited blog)
Do you miss Maureen? We do!

One of our favorite images.
Designer Thad Hayes

In this Traditional setting the pots play a role at center stage. 
Designer Suzanne Kasler

Love, love this...a little more rustic than the others, but still so interesting. 
Sergreto finishes

The little details of a room makes it or breaks it. Think about how you display your treasures. Sometimes it helps to take a picture of what you have done. It gives you another way of viewing it. It is different than the eye because it narrows in on how a certain point of view will look.
Image- Brown Dress With White Dots

A great collection of different patterns and styles yet unified by their color.
Country Living

These pots take your attention up and over the armoire to fill the space in an otherwise empty and maybe boring corner.
Chic Coles

As artist/designers, when displaying items we always approach it as an art piece. We want the viewer to be entertained visually. When you add something new to your home do you ever think about that? What do I want the viewer to see and feel?  Is it balanced?  How am I entertaining the viewer?  
Image Lillia Blanka Blog

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