Wilson Kelsey Design

We couldn't wait to share with you Wilson Kelsey design. A husband and wife design team and fellow bloggers.  We have visited their blog many times where we noticed their portfolio. We are not sure why we hadn't peeked before, but we were blown away when we saw their work. The first 5 images are from a home they designed and renovated that they have called Prides Crossing. It has been recognized with 10 national and regional awards..  
Photo by Laura moss 

John and Sally successfully captured an emotional impression that sets the mood and creates a beautiful gathering space for guests. 

Can you see why they were recognized for 10 awards for this project? 
Photo by Michael Lee

John and Sally both owned their separate design businesses before they met. They were both working in corporate interiors. After they got married in 1984 they merged their businesses together. They have been working together for 28 years, but only in the residential interiors for the last
 7 years. 
Photo by Louis Michud

After years working in corporate interiors they were burned out. They completely walked away from corporate interiors leaving their contacts behind. They had to completely start over rebuilding their business and contacts as residential designers and formed their new firm, Wilson Kelsey Design.
Photo by Rich Mandakorn

Photo by Rich Mandakorn

Photo by Rich Mandekorn

Please visit them at their blog, Wilson Kelsey design blog and their web site here. We are sure you will enjoy it.
Photo by Laura Moss

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