Brick and Home Decor......

As we have been visiting other blogs, we are noticing images of brick in home decor.  
When we think of brick and when it was popular, we think about the T.V. show the Brady Bunch. 
Ya, Ya, we know we are showing our age. 
We were really, really, young when that show was popular and remember there are re-runs!

(Image Traditional Home)

We love how designer Amy Morris used it in this hallway. 
The mix of wood creates an interesting pattern.

( Photo, Amy Dines)

 ( Designed by Amy Morris, photo by Amy Dines)

 Amy also used it in a herringbone pattern.

Greet Lefevre Interiors, Belgium Pearls Blog.

 ( Designed by Tami Owen, Segreto finishes)

Love how it was used on the stairs. 
We actually used it in a home that we had designed.
 We used brick on the front of the stairs like this image.
 We wish we would of taken pictures of it . 
There was a messy divorce and our clients have moved and we were not quick enough in getting photos. 

Randy Powers designed this charming breakfast nook.

( Designed by Andrew Brown, photo by Keven Spearman)

It also works in a contemporary design. 
We like how the brick is white washed.
 It gives it a lighter feel.

 (Atlanta home magazine, designed by Providence LTD Interiors.)

Love how it was used in this image. 
Mona and her sister of Providence LTD blog did such an amazing job.
 If your interested in this chandelier- Mona sells it on her online store.

(Designed by Munger Interiors.)

We have always loved the charm of stone and brick used in home decor.
 Are we going to see more of brick? 
What do you think?  
We would love to know your opinion..

Danni and Julie

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