Girly is bacccck!

Girly and feminine is baaaaaaack....
 (Tumbler, Eye Candy) 

Designer, Pamela Pierce added these soft colors with the natural linens. The pink and soft greens with a touch of purple creates a subdued girly feel.  The  room is simple, elegant and pretty.

Perfect for spring. If this isn't screaming girly than we don't know what is!
(Adore home , designed by Ana Antunes)

Love, love this room. The wallpaper is amazing and we love how he layered patterns and colors. You're brilliant Grant!
(Designer Grant Gibson)

Adore Home, Designer Ana Antunes 
Pinks and grays a perfect pair.

Just darn right pretty!
Designed by Todd Alexander Romanos 

This cottage with the floral drapes and bright pink pillows is certainly girly.
(Country style living, Mix and Chic blog)

Cozamia has some wonderful art work for sale.

( House to Home) 

It's hard to see a man living in a real girly room. Would your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, or fathers be comfortable with this style? Would you design your home around a girly feminine feel?
We would love to hear what you think.
(Designed by Melissa Rufty) 

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