New beginnings for Spring...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring holiday. Spring always reminds us of new beginnings. For us it is a time of personal change and new projects.

Kelly Harmon designed this dinning room. I don't know where we have been, but we haven't seen Kelly's work before. Through Providence LTD Facebook, Mona posted an image of Kelly's work. Her work has been in many magazines and Cote DE Texas blogged about her in 2010, here. Like we said, where have we been!

We have been busy  designing a plan for a living room and finding furniture pieces for clients. Our photo shoot for the last project we told you about is scheduled for this month. You can find the before pictures here.

Don't you love this photo above designed by Kelly Harmon. We love the colors.

We promise we will try to shoot more pictures of things that are in progress. We always forget....Yes we are both blonde!

The image above we found at Pretty stuff- Tumbler, here.  She lives up to her name, everything on her page is, you guessed it pretty!

We love the mix of styles here. See what Domino magazine started.
It just looks happy and like spring. Love, love the art work and those chairs thrown into the mix makes it! 

Image is found on another blog that we just found and love it. Loft and cottage blog you can find it here.

OK , so is this just too cute?  Have you priced these antique trucks? They are more than you would think. A great way to display items.
Designed by Mayme Baker, she has a unique style and she is very creative. You can see her work here.
Does spring bring a creativeness out in you? Are you starting new projects? 

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Thanks, Julie and Danni

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