TG is loving Blue and White....

Loving blue and white....So glad it is back! This has been a fun project. Using fun decor and funky items. We are showing you a sample of some of the items we used. Kravet fabric on top and Calico Corners on the bottom.

Calico Corner on top, a natural antique linen, and a Kravet fabric on the bottom.  

Soon Professional photos are on their way.. But we wanted you to have a sneak peak!

A casual California style.   This is image one, below is image # 2.

We know that this a double image. We couldn't make up our mind which one to use. One with a flash or no flash? This is image 2. Which one do you like better?

A mix of white, blues, reds and blacks. How fun is that?  An antique flag that has been framed and we love it and yes we are being a bit of a tease. 

Our other project with the soft blues and camels is going to be photographed on Sunday..You can check out the before here.. YES!   FINALLY....Hopefully we will have the images soon so we can show you.

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