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T.G. 's new love...... Lonny magazine for showing wonderful interior designer and shop owner, Christy Ford's home.  We pulled together some images of her home, now and then.  From reading Christy's blog, you realize she is constantly rearranging her furniture. The name of her blog is, And George.

We found this image which is an older image of her dining room on her blog.

And George blog

So in love with the blues and the natural sea grass rug.  
(Before picture from her blog.)

She up-dated with a new coffee table and new pillows. Notice the pillows having a Bohemian vibe with the paisleys. So which coffee table and pillows do you like? The image above or this one?
(Lonny magazine)

This is the room before she added blues.  T.G. loves the newer transformation.

Look at those chairs....Want them!
Notice the different fabric on each chair seat. 
Lonny mag. 

This is a before picture of her dinning room.

She has moved this rug from the dinning area to this little sitting area. The dinning room image is below. Sorry, it is a couple pictures down.
(Lonny magazine)

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

This is her eating area now. Love the color she added.
(Lonny Magazine)

This is before

Go back and look at this rug she moved into the sitting room.
(Southern Living magazine)

Image, And George blog.

Love seeing the evolution of a room.  Don't you?  Christy works with her Mother Jan Roden, who is a well known designer.  They opened a store together called George.  The store was named after their Bull dog, whom just passed away.  Check out her blog here and Lonny Magazine here.
 Hope all of you have a wonderful Mothers Day! 

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 Thanks, Julie and Danni

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