Island living, Allison Elebash

We can't wait for a vacation! Some where on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts.  That is where this designer lives, Allison Elebash.  Her style has a casual, easy, but sophisticated feel. 

Pina Colada anyone? Isn't this a wonderful island home? 

A lovely traditional, but comfy feel.

It's calling our name........

Love the framed botanicals.

T.G wants those chairs! It gets old referring to our selves as we, T.G. is a lot easier.

Are you loving the orange and white decor?

Allison started her business in South Carolina and moved to the Island in 2007.

OK, who is going with?  Don't push, there is room for all! Doesn't a vacation sound good?  Do you have any plans for the summer?  It is just around the corner!

Allison Elebash was mentored by her Mother in-law Kathleen Rivers. A prominent interior designer in the south east. Kathleen's impeccable taste and style has helped shape Allison professionally.
It sounds like they have a wonderful relationship. Very special for a daughter in-law to respect her mother in-law so much.
To visit her web site go here-Allison Elebash.

Thanks for visiting, Julie and Danni

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