Soft Blues and Sandy Beige decor

With summer around the corner and the sunny weather in Southern California, we cant help longing for the beach. Soft blues and sandy beige. Can you hear us sigh!  The smell of Coppertone sun lotion and the sand in our toes.  A girl can't help to dream....

Notice how designer Benjamin Dhong mixed different woods. It adds interest, like it was collected along the way.

Close your eyes and imagine listening to Chris Issac playing in the back ground and watching the waves crash on the shore. A slider door opening to the ocean breeze. 
 We know, you read our minds, we didn't forget about the Pina Coladas!

Designer Berner sutphins

Love this image.Who else but, Ralph Lauren

A Sisal rug also gives that beach-e feel. The different textures in the furniture and the rug remind us of driftwood along the sand......

Designer Berner Sutphins 

This home could be anywhere, but it could lend its self to a home on the bluffs of Zuma Beach in California.
Designer Ron Marks created this beauty.
 Photo by Bruce Bucks

 Love the chairs around the dinning room table. T.G. has rattan envy!  We are keeping our eyes out for some chairs that aren't a fortune. Wish we had a Scotts here, like the one in Atlanta.

What a great idea for those old wicker chairs you might have, paint them blue!
Designer James Howard, another great artist.

 Berner Sutphins

Designer, Berner Sutphins
We have vacation on our mind and we don't really have one planned! Whats with that.......
 We are trying to get some ideas of when and where we want to go.
 So for now, we will be dreaming of laying on the beach with our Coppertone 45, dreaming of Pina Coladas.

 Back to reality, Danni is packing this week and getting ready to move.
 We are taking a little break from blogging. We should be back in a week or so. Hopefully we will have the images to show you from our photo shoots. Until than......
 Thanks for visiting us, Danni and Julie


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