Fabric Love....

We have been pulling together fabrics for several jobs. Here is one of three groupings of fabrics we are considering to use for a living room and dinning room.  The colors we are working with are  taupe-grayish color walls and carpet, an ivory sofa and chairs, which we are still looking for. The small gray and white fabric is already on the dinning room chairs and the client wants to keep that fabric.
 This is one group of fabrics.

Out of the 3 groups- which one do you like best?

This is # 2 pick. 
Most of  the fabrics are from Kravets.

This is #3 pick.
Love a little purple thrown into the mix. All of the floral prints will be on pillows except for the raindrop pattern. We are waiting for more samples from Kravets so we might end up with something completely different.

 So sorry we missed a post. We might be a little late here and there, but we will try our best. We will also try to say hello on your blogs. We have enjoyed so many friendships out in blog-land. We have a lot going on right now, but we will be back into our normal routine soon.
 Julie and Danni

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