Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor spaces can be an extension from the inside, especially in Southern California. 
We tend to use our outside rooms all year long for entertaining.

 (Image, Better homes and Gardens)

We have never thought of using pink decor on the patio, but it is quite beautiful. 

(Image found on our Pinterest page.)

Doesn't this feel like lemonade and cucumber sandwiches? 
For dessert we would serve cupcakes. 
So charming. 
 ( Image, Better Homes and Garden)

A soft pretty area to read a book or even take a nap.
(Image, Better Homes and Garden)


Love succulents in pots.
( Image, Better Homes and Garden)

This is Bunny Williams beautiful backyard. 

A great place to have munchies and be able to soak in the rays.
 Image found on Inspired Design blog. 

 Debbie's blog always has beautiful images on it.

Do you have the perfect outdoor room where you love to entertain guests?
 We have already had several parties in our backyard from wedding showers to a graduation party. 
also have a baby shower in August. 
As much as we love entertaining, we would love to find a simple, easy way, where you wouldn't get so tired.
 If anyone has some ideas on this, clue us in!

( Image found on Roses and Rust blog) 

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni

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