Catalina and Skateboarding in Arizona

I am writing this on the fly and I mean fly....
 Danni is in Catalina enjoying the sun and the
 beach-y vibe. I am hopping on a plane in a couple of hours to go see my son compete in Arizona. 

Nothing like waiting to the last minute!

  Danni went with her daughter and grandchildren. She needed this time to relax after moving and unpacking.

I am going to Arizona to see my son compete in a skateboarding contest. Yes, its going to be 120 degrees...OH MY!  

A little nerve- racking for a mom to watch. 

If he makes it to the top 6 he will be on ESPN this Sunday afternoon. 

 This is Mike with his dog Ruby on the side of a building in
 San Diego. We will let you know how he places when we get back.

 I have to go finish packing and we will see ya when we get back. Enjoy your weekend. 
Thanks for visiting, Julie and Danni
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