1st Dibs!

Can you believe summer is almost over!?  We love this time of year and we really don't want it to end. We came across some beautiful houses for sale on 1st Dibs. They are located in Malibu.  Just for a minute..... pretend you have one more vacation.
Which home would you rent for a week?

House #1  $45,000,000

House #2....$18,250,000

House # 3....$11,750,000


House # 4...$43,000,000 

House # 5....$ 23,900,000

We have a busy weekend planned. We are having a baby shower for Julies daughter-in-law on Saturday! We are so excited to welcome the new edition to the family! The tables are going to be decorated with vintage table clothes and mix n match china from every thinkable era (sounds charming, right?) . And of course, every nook and cranny will be adorned with pink! Julies daughter, Sarah, and her mother-in-law are our partners in crime for this very special shindig!

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