A Wonderful Day in Montecito and Summerland

I  drove up the coast to Summerland and Montecito to do a little antiquing with my friend, Shelly.

 We had a blast!

 We had a special treat and visited a beautiful Houston designer who gave us a tour of her newly renovated home in Montecito...

It was gorgeous....Yes, just pinch me!

I will share with you in a later post who this delightful, talented designer is......

 I know I am being a little bit of a brat! 

In  Montecito we visited William Laman Home, Garden and Antiques. They had great pieces and they were artistically displayed.
Simple, but elegant.

 I loved this light blue cabinet and the bamboo style chair. 

 They had sea grass carpet through out the store with white wood on the walls. 

 How can you go wrong!

 One of our favorite styles. 

One of our favorite stores to visit in Summerland is the  Rue De Lillie Antiques. 
We have shown you images from their store before, here.

They always have creative displays. 



Its always fun to get away with friends and have a special day. Learning to balance family, friends, clients and life is always a challenge. 
We finished up with a few projects and are taking some time to get our own homes in order.
 Boy, that is always a challenge for me.
 I have so many ideas and not enough time to implement them.
 Does that happen to you? 
I wish there were two of me. One of me would tell the other one what to do!

 Danni is taking a little break and spending time with family. She is having fun living near her daughter. She has been able to have dinners with them and she appreciates that time. Going through a divorce, family is what has helped her through this passage of her life.
She is still  unpacking boxes and getting settled in.
 She will be back soon......
We would love to here from you!

 Thanks for visiting, Julie and Danni

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