Kate Singer

A true artist........

After seeing the Hampton design house and loving the living room that Kate Singer designed, we had to see more of Kate's work. 

She graciously let us post some of her work from her portfolio.

We loved how Kate designed this vignette for the design house. 
A perfect mix.

Hampton Design House

The art work is fabulous!

 Love how she layers fabrics to create a living space that is  inviting. 

Hampton design House

Love the purple.

Love the shells stacked in this urn.

 OK we know, to much love here.

 There is know other way to explain it, but Love it!

                                 We hope your enjoying your summer. We are
                                    Indeed!  It has been so hot in California. It was                                      101 degrees in our little city.

                                     Thank God for air conditioning.                  
                          All photography was wonderfully photographed by    
                                                   John Bessler      

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