A Painted China Cabinet.......

I've been a mad woman trying to get my house together for a photo shoot.
 I needed to either paint or buy a new china cabinet.

 My hubby keeps telling me that we will be moving next year to a smaller house. 
He's been telling me this for the past 5 years. 

If we move to a smaller home there might not be enough room for a china cabinet. 
 I don't want to buy a new one, so its being painted.....

Shoot, this is a big job! 

The Chairs were painted a couple of months ago. 

My house is torn apart! Oh my gosh, the things I get myself into!

Will it be worth it? Of course, hope so, it better!

The china cabinet is from the70s and is a yellow pine.
 Over time it has yellowed even more and was so out of date, it was driving me nuts. 
The inside will be painted a pretty blue and the out side a creamy white.
As it was being painted the hubby says...why are you painting that good wood?
 Hello....does anyone walk into a room saying boy your home has nice wood!
They walk into a room saying what a beautiful room!
 Bless his heart!

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