Emily Followill Photography & Styling

(Meridy King Interiors)

Emily Followill is a photographer that I have admired for sometime now.
 Emily has been a photographer for 18 years. 

She has photographed many designs for some of the top designers and has had her images adorn the covers of many popular magazines.

Emily feels that every room tells a story about the home owner.
 She tries to capture the essence and soul of the room she is photographing.
(Meridy King Interiors) 

I have had my work photographed many times and know how important it is to style it for the camera.

 What looks good for every day does not always look good in a photograph.

(Betty Burgess)

I asked her if she could give us some tips on styling for photographing our designs and our homes. 

Here are some general rules, but Emily said, sometimes rules are made to be broken.

   1) Fewer fabulous  accessories are better than a lot of smaller ones.

   2)Simple flower arrangement's, one type of flower in a vase makes a bigger statement than an arrangement of six different ones.

3) Focus on parts of the room, vignettes and details. They can be more powerful than the over all room shot.

(James Farmer)

Here is an example where Emily has focused on the little details in a room.

(C. Weaks interior)
She has an eye for balance in a room. She knows how to capture the perfect image.

John Howard Landscaping Design Studio

(John Howard Landscape Design Studio)

Emily has a gift of conveying the message behind the vision of the photograph.
 I hope you enjoyed Emily's work and some of her styling tips. 

You can visit her web-site here.

 Remember, rules can be broken!

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