What I love about Fall....

There has been a feeling of change in the air, an excitement, a brisk feeling as you step out side. 


When the rest of the country is experiencing Fall, Southern California is still in the Summer mode.
 It takes a little longer for us Callies to receive Fall. 

  Autumn mornings and falling leaves.

 Crisp mornings and leafless trees.

 Beautiful colors cover the streets.

Things I love about Fall....

Nutty breads and pumpkin baked goods fill the air

 Leopard ......

The leaves changing colors 

 Cinderella Pumpkins  

 Sharing our blessings

The warm colors of Fall are my favorite. 

Ralph your a genius.

A good Brie with a nutty sauce

A perfect kitchen to warm our souls...

Beauty in creation

Celebrating the bounty we are given

Jeans all year around. 

You can't forget about a great pair of boots. 

Wearing warm gloves 

Pumpkin pancakes.....To everything there is a season.. 

Grass withers, flowers fall 

That is what I love about Fall! 
 What do you love about Fall?

 Kitchen image, Cote De Texas Blog
Images of Furniture, Ralph Lauren
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