Project Update.....

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It's about time!   
I've been really bad about keeping all of you in the loop....  I've been working on a few things and this is one of them........ 
 I shared a few of these ideas in an earlier post and we now have finalized some of the furniture and fabric ideas. 
This is an inspiration image of the colors and feel my client wanted . The yellow will be swapped out for green. 
 She wants contemporary pieces with some traditional 
We have put together a floor plan and sourced out furniture. 
 Here are some of our selections that she loved..


This is her living room....... 
 The challenge..... 
taking your eye away from the six little windows and bringing it back to the fireplace, the focal point..
 We have to keep the marble and the carpet to stay within the budget.


Here is the idea board that we gave the client. 

I wanted the fireplace to be the focal point.
 By adding the wood above the fireplace.... it takes your eye away from the windows.
 Adding a large picture above the mantel will also help. 
The drapes will  soften the windows into the background and the walls will be a taupe color.


I drew these images to give her an idea of what it will look like.


She wanted a sofa with an English arm, this is the one she likes.
We are using a linen fabric on it that is an ivory...oyster color.

Pillow Fabric....Kravet

This will be used on the Chairs in the dinning room and 2 small pillows for the living room chairs. 

She loved this will be used for one pillow on the sofa.
 I am still looking for one more fabric to go with this and possible the green animal print...we'll see.


This paisley fabric might go on an ottoman. The color is a little deeper in person....

The two chairs will have a linen fabric that has a mix of a subtle taupe, gray, and cream. The stripe pillow will go on these.

This will be in a champagne finish

Decor Pad

I would love to throw a zebra rug into the mix.....we'll see what she says....

Rug option


 Rug option....these images are not the best.

option for a table 

I love this table but it needs to be in a champagne finish

We are using two of these babies on either side of the fireplace.
Sorry this is a little blurry

(Houzz, Atmosphere Interior Design)

The dinning room will have grass cloth and white wains-coating like this image. The grass cloth will be a taupe color.

This is the dinning room. 

This is one of the drawings I did for her.


We will take the canning out of the chairs and add the fabric in the center. We are keeping the gray rain drop fabric on the seats.

Fabric for the chairs. 

This is the chandelier she likes. 

I've been working on a few other projects that have been keeping me busy.
 I'll share with you soon...... but for now.....are you all ready for Thanksgiving?

 I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner.....

I'm not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving, but we are celebrating with a family get together on Sunday. 

We are having 20 people over and a lot of the family will be meeting the new grand-baby for the first time.

 I was going to make a big Turkey and have all the fixings.....
thought about it....only for a minute and I decided to order food in......
What can I say.....a little lazy I guess!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? 

 Well, gotta go for now.......
Thanks for stopping bye


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