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When I first started blogging a little over a year ago, I started following the blog, Providence LTD Interiors. 

Their were many times as a new blogger that I didn't know what I was doing.   
When I needed advise, I would email Mona, the author of Providence LTD Interiors and she would graciously write back to me to help out.
 Mona has been blogging for over 3 years.
 I have watched her and her sister's business grow from a small space in an antique store to having several spaces within one store, a blog,  an on-line store and a thriving design business..


I asked Mona if she could share with you some tips on what has helped her business grow.



How did it all happen?...
We're not sure we know…we've tried a lot of different things…some have worked…others have not…but if you are a new designer or just a new design blogger…we'll share a few tips that have worked for us…

First…blogging has been very  instrumental to our growth…
Our following didn't happen overnight. 
 For a long time it seemed that we were talking to ourselves.  
In fact we sometimes feel that way even now. 
 We don't get a huge amount of comments…but we have a steady growing following. 
 If you’re a blogger and you don't get comments…Keep blogging…and keep commenting on other blogs…
You will eventually get comments and start to pick up a following.  But remember this… the success of your business has no correlation to the number of comments that you receive. 
 Don't get us wrong…
WE LOVE COMMENTS…WE WILL REPEAT…WE LOVE COMMENTS, but we have launched a successful online design business, a growing online store and a growing local design and Retail business that has been directly affected by our blog.
 Not one of the online clients or local clients that contacted us as a result of our blog have EVER left a comment. 
 Not one of them…they have emailed or contacted us directly. 
 Bloggers feel comfortable commenting…design enthusiasts and potential customers or clients often do not. 


Second, we think that Facebook is equally as important as blogging.
 It has been particularly good for our Retail sales… we have sold everything from antique doors to mirrors to iron gates on Facebook. 
 It's a new day. 
 We are constantly amazed at what people will buy sight unseen. 
 Since we have a keen eye and are picky, picky, picky ourselves we are able to sell with confidence to these folks. 
 Another thing that we love about Facebook is it doesn't take as much time…
 Just a quick comment and a good image…And the feedback is instant.
  If you like comments…try Facebook.


Third…We're addicted to Pinterest…but it has been really good for our business too…
First, we are constantly saving the best of the best for our own inspiration files…
It's inspiration …
Seldom does a project even resemble the initial inspiration…

You can pin your own work for the world to see…
It's just a really good venue to portray who you are and what you like…
your sense of style… through the images that you pin…
We have over 7000 followers on Pinterest and it's the  single biggest driver to our blog.

Fourth…We don't tweet…do you?

Our friends don't tweet and we don't think our demographic tweets, so why bother.  

Please let us know if we are missing out!



Fifth…Doing what others do if it's not really you…will never work.  
Plain and simple…
Forget the trends…you can blog about them, but don't try to imitate them.
 It just won't work! 

Sixth…Keep trying new things…
Sister cringes when I come to her and say"I've got a new idea"…
Some work, some don't…but you don't know until you try.  

But we can't stress enough…try to make it your idea…not just what you see everyone else doing. 

 But it has to have a little tweak and a new twist…


And last but not least…have FUN!   

This is a passionate business. 

 You will never succeed if you do not love what you do. 

I can't thank Mona and her sister enough for being apart of this post. 

The best thing about blogging is all the friends you meet along the way.
 To visit their blog go here

 Another one of our blogging buddies Carla, at Carla Aston Designed also did a post on Providence LTD here.

 So many bloggers, designers have freely shared information and ideas with us.

 So many incredibly talented people along the way that we consider our friends. 

 Thanks to all of you!


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