Staging to sell our studio.

My husband and I had bought a ranch style home 11 years ago and turned into a photography studio....We decided to sell it and I had to stage it to look more like a home...

In one of the bedrooms I placed a screen behind this chair to add some interest.....I love this antique hand painted screen...its so pretty!

This is the kitchen...I know it looks like this bread board is floating in space...but its on a glass table that has columns.

I'm going to keeping the pine cabinet in the back for my office.

This room was an office and I had to make it look like it was a family room... I took my old blue sofa and made it back into a family room....that's a painting I had painted years ago!

This is the living room...I love this chair!

We kept my husbands portraits hanging on the wall.

We sold it  within 6 weeks with 4 offers....the couple who bought it wants to buy everything in it...including the accessories!

 My hubby will be opening his new studio in Westlake Village which will be only 20 minutes from home.

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