One Room Challenge

OK..the pressure is on...
I'm tagging along with ORC, The One Room Challenge...
Which you can check out here...

I started to redo my family room months ago, but I had to put it on hold while I was taking  care of my parents. 

I have 6 weeks to finish this project and I will be posting an up-date every Thursday!

I added the wood details and painted the room at least 3 years ago. 
 I just bought a new sofa for this room and I will show it to you later on.

The kitchen and family room is one big room...and right now its too country!  

The table is being replaced with a fantastic vintage bamboo table I found at an Estate Sale...the chair is below.

The island will be replaced too.

This fabric, and the ones below, will be used for the pillows on the sofa and chair pads are for the vintage table..

This is a preview of what my table looks like.....

I'm in love with it!Well, wish me luck! 

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