O.R.C. Week 4

Here we go again...

We are in week four of the One Room Challenge...

What makes it a challenge is that we only have 6 

weeks to redo a room...the master mind of this 

challenge is Linda from Calling it Home Blog.

I had the ottoman reupholstered, but its the only thing I got done this week!

You can see my new table in the background.....

This was the ottoman before...I should say..its my dogs ottoman!

This is my family room before...notice the shelve above the T.V.

I need to restyle it and I'm not sure what to do yet..

I've got to go shopping and buy some accessories.. 

The new sofa comes on Saturday..
Thank God! 

We are going crazy with out a sofa!

This is the area up close...

I just placed these items up here for now....
pretty bad..huh!

You can check out earlier posts here and here.

I only have two weeks left....
I hope it all gets done!

Thanks for stopping by!

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