Noir and CFC

 I save pictures when I recognize pieces of furniture from companies that I like. 
 That way I can show clients what they look like in a room...

(Blackband Interiors)

I've used  Noir and C.F.C.
They are sister companies and C.F.C. does custom work.

(C.F.C and Blackband Interiors)

(Blackband Interiors and Noir) 

(Entry Table, Noir)

(Dresser C.F.C, Houzz)

(Side table Noir, coffee table C.F.C. and Houzz)

I went to C.F.Cs  warehouse and took some pictures of their products..

They were working on this dresser and it really looked like an old piece.

I love the paint effect of this dresser.

They are going to turn this space into a showroom...its probably done by now.

I'm using this table in a clients home, its from C.F.C.

I wish I had a use for this was to big...but I loved it! If you want to take a peek at the products go here

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