Organic and Agoura Antique Mall

My daughter and I have been going to an organic farm and buying our vegetables...
We have decided to buy organic, non GMO . 
My veggies are lasting a lot longer, taste better and its cheaper...Plus I get to hang with my daughter...

For the life of me.. I can't remember the name of these darn tomatoes...probably to much GMO in my diet over the years...But, a little fresh basil and balsamic on these puppies ...YUM!

We always have butter and garlic on our artichokes...

A trip to Agoura Antique store to buy two of these beauties for a client...they are 2 feet tall...perfect for a buffet!

I fell in love with this lamp!

This picture was a beauty!

And she stole my heart!

Dang...Isn't she cute!
 Grand babies are so much fun! 

OK...Heirloom tomatoes...I think!

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