Art and The Pink Pagoda

(Adrian Brisco)

I hope your Thanksgiving was nice...

I think it was the best tasting Thanksgiving dinner my daughter and I have made. 

Everything was organic and every recipe was new to us...

We cooked for two days and I'm so glad my daughter helped me...

Other wise, I would probably still be cooking!


I've been shopping for art work for a client and found these images of art being the center of attention...all of them I found interesting and artistic..

I love these pictures and would love to have all of them for my own home...

(Adrian Brisco)

Pictures leaning against a side table in this image looks very arty!

I love these pictures of the sea 

(House and Garden)

Black and white drawings surround the portrait in the middle.... This is a great way to fill a wall but have the one painting be the center of attention.

House Beautiful

(House and Garden)

(House Beautiful)

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