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The first 2015 interior decor trend is fusion of styles, materials and decoration patterns. Next year you can mix old with new and fresh, different styles and trends from everywhere to create stylish, comfortable and interesting living spaces. You can change your interiors playing with color schemes, lines and shapes!
The second 2015 trend are the materials. From salvaged wood, stone and metal every material is perfect to bring a sense of exclusivity and modernity. Every type of wood it’s a good choice, from natural to colorful stained. Metal are the best and most used material to combinate with others. Frames and bases of modern chairs, tables, sofas, beds and lighting fixtures, you choose! The top trend is metal and wood all mixed up. If you want to give a touch of luxury you just need to add white marble details.
home-and-decoration-modern-trend-2015-luxury style
The third 2015 trend is modern colors. Pleasant natural colors and soft pastels are perfect to set off with shades of gray, soft black and creamy white tones, reinventing classic decor ideas and beautiful contrasts.Cold shades of brown combinated with granite gray tones and hints of leafy green create beautiful, natural decor color schemes for modern interiors. The top color tendences for 2015 are mustard yellow and mauve; all tone of purple, soft and strong; and rich blue and pink shades.
Traditional home furnishings and new items, inspired by exotic trends create an exciting blend of timelessly elegant and innovative interior design ideas. The top modern interior design trends offer various styles and color combinations for creating beautiful, comfortable and bright modern home interiors for any taste and lifestyle.
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Black and golden colors or romantic interior design in Mediterranean style, charming home interiors that bring the luxury of Middle East and Asian interior design ideas, contemporary home decorating that creates multifunctional and super comfortable rooms in neutral black, white or brown colors and rich color accents in red, yellow and green color shades are top modern interior design trends for 2015.
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Top modern interior design trends 2015 reflects innovative and beautiful home decorating ideas and stylish room colors that leading manufacturers of home furnishings demonstrated during design fairs in Germany, Australia and the United States in July and early August. Modern interior design and decor ideas showed the best examples of furniture, textiles and accessories that set trends in home decorating.

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